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Located in the heart of Brentwood, Tennessee, Soy Bistro has been a family-owned and operated restaurant since July 2010. This fast-casual spot serves high quality, Korean inspired dishes. Soy Bistro’s food is made with an honest hope to serve their community and drive away hunger one belly at a time.

One of Virtue’s principles is that “I partner with people who are as passionate about their craft as I am mine”, and there’s not a much better example of this than Soy Bistro. Everyone who walks through the door at Soy Bistro is treated like family. When you pair that level of customer service with their insanely delicious food, you get the magic-sauce behind one of the area’s most popular restaurants (that has a borderline cult-like following). When Soy Bistro approached Virtue about a new website, I jumped at the opportunity to work alongside this exceptional restaurant.


Despite their food and customer service being so dialed in, Soy Bistro had multiple website-related issues prior to working with Virtue. First, their old website was extremely outdated. The old design did very little to showcase the beautiful, creative dishes that you would find in the restaurant. The website was also not responsive, which made tablet and mobile navigation difficult.

Next, Soy Bistro was having major issues with their online ordering. There were multiple “Order Online” buttons linked to multiple different places, one of which was a link to a third party site that didn’t even exist. This caused guests to be unsure of how to even place an order. At one point, the restaurant had to make an instagram video explaining how to order online because it was that confusing. As a restaurant that does thousands of dollars per day in online ordering, Soy Bistro needed a straightforward and dependable online ordering solution integrated into their new website.

Finally, the old website was unreliable and not secured. Soy Bistro received numerous complaints about unwanted ads and even graphic, adult content popups. As a family restaurant, this needed to be addressed ASAP.


The first step in the process was a meeting with owners Kenji and Michael to better understand Soy Bistro, their current website challenges, and the goals for their new website. After our meeting, it was clear that they wanted something simple and user friendly, where the food was the star of the show.

During this meeting, we determined that great food photography would be a crucial piece of the new website design. Despite serving amazing dishes, Soy Bistro didn’t have any photos that quite did their food justice. We partnered with an incredible food photographer and strategically worked through the most appealing ways to capture Soy Bistro’s dishes. In the end, we walked away with mouth-watering photos that would immediately entice a potential customer upon visiting the new website.


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With inspiring new images in hand, I got into the nuts and bolts of the redesign. My goal, per the original meeting, was to let the food speak for itself. In order to do this, I created a design centered around full-width images and simple, clean text. The new “menu” page lays out the restaurant’s menu in a web-friendly format, while the new “about” page gives a glimpse into Soy Bistro’s family friendly atmosphere, while telling the restaurant’s story in an easy to follow manner. Finally, we created a catering inquiry form in order to automate Soy Bistro’s catering process and ultimately save the owners time.

In order to address the previous website’s online ordering issues, I incorporated a large call to action button for online ordering. As soon as you land on the website’s home page, you don’t even have to scroll to place your order. It’s obvious for the website’s visitor on where and how to place an order. On mobile devices (because Soy Bistro’s new website, like all Virtue websites is tablet and mobile friendly), the online ordering button sticks to the top of the page so that you are always one click away from being able to place an order. The online ordering buttons link to a reliable third party service that integrates with the restaurant’s point of sale system.

With an approved website design, it was time to launch Soy Bistro’s beautiful new website! With their history of website reliability and security issues, we got Soy Bistro signed up on one of our WEBSITE CARE PLANS. They no longer have to worry about graphic popups or an unsecured website, because I log into their site every single day and make sure everything is backed up, up to date, and ensure that any traces of suspicious activity are blocked.


Previous Homepage

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New Homepage

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New Interior Page

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"Leah did an amazing job with our website design. The new is perfect for us. Very easy to work with and the new site looks amazing. Highly recommend."

Michael Kaplan
franklin tn web design


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