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Touch Therapy Associates is a practice of Licensed Massage therapist, Gail Felts, who specializes in therapeutic massage therapy, primarily for survivors of abuse. Touch Therapy Associates chose Virtue to design and build a new website that would accurately represent their quality work and expertise.


Gail Felts, Owner of Touch Therapy Associates, is truly an expert in her field of massage therapy. She teaches courses on massage, mentors young massage therapists, and even developed her own specific type of massage therapy. However, when Touch Therapy Associates came to Virtue, their website did not accurately showcase Gail’s work and expertise.

When prospective clients and students would visit Touch Therapy’s old website, they would see something that was outdated in design, not responsive on tablet and mobile devices, and interior pages that wouldn’t accurately load. While Gail was aware of all of these things, she couldn’t even log into her previous site to make simple changes to things like business hours and office locations without first contacting her old web designer, who had since gone out of business.


The first step of the process was to better understand Gail, Touch Therapy Associates, and the goals for her website. I met with Gail to work through wireframes, photos, colors, and to hear what she liked and disliked about her current website.

Early on, Gail expressed that it was important to her that anyone who visits her new website feels the same relaxed and peaceful feeling that they get when receiving a massage. In order to accomplish this, I suggested that we choose calming colors, such as blue and lavender tones. Throughout the process, I was in communication with Gail, and with her collaboration we sourced nature photos that would convey the desired peaceful feeling.

Since Gail is an expert in massage therapy, she rightfully had a lot that she wanted to say on her website. It was important to design her interior page content it in a way that was engaging and not overwhelming to the website visitor.

As is standard with any Virtue website, Touch Therapy Associates new website is crafted with responsive design, meaning that it will look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Finally, upon launch, Gail, like every Virtue client, was provided with training videos on how to easily log into her site to make simple content changes. While Virtue has hosting and maintenance plans that include all content updates, I understand the importance of making things simple for business owners like Gail to log in to their website and not be overwhelmed.


Previous Homepage

franklin tn web design

New Homepage

franklin tn web design

New Interior Page

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"Leah is a website extraordinaire! She guided me through content, photos, color palette and then took all that information and created the perfect website that represents me and my business."

Gail Felts
franklin tn web design


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